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#26Acts: In memory of Emilie Parker and Jack Pinto, age 6

Posted on: December 23, 2012

The last 2 bunches of balloons went up to the hospital.  I wanted to go to the pediatric floor, but I could not tell which floor that was.  Then I remembered the solemn event that sparked my quest and how hard it was to explain to my own kids about what happened at Sandy Hook elementary school.  I decided to just get off the elevator where ever it took me.

Hospitals are crappy places, I have to say.  I was just in one not long ago to visit a relative and I could read it on the faces of any patient I saw – they all just wanted to leave.  So I reasoned that bringing in some color and silliness would be a welcome addition to any person there.  I found a busy nurse and once again felt like I was imposing by asking her to see that the bundles went to someone’s room.

It felt good to know that at least 2 patients might have a reason to smile.  It felt even better to know I was free to leave and did not have to stay there any longer.  I am reminded that nurses have a tough job and don’t get paid enough for what they do.


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