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#26Acts: In memory of Lauren Russeau, age 30

Posted on: December 22, 2012

The balloons left over from the office party were going to get popped, but I had a different idea for them.  I’m as overwhelmed as every other Mom I know the week before Christmas, but I figured this is precisely the reason why it is so important to stop and take time to think of others and do these acts of kindness.

I corralled about 30 helium balloons to take out to my car.  As soon as I stepped outside, the wind tangled them all up in a bind and cold rain pelted them and me.  I had to catch myself from grumbling about it.  I felt bad about losing the spirit of the good deeds when I realized it would not always be as easy as opening my wallet.  In many cases, it is time that matters more than money.

I think it means more coming from me when I give my time, because right now I do value time more than money.  (Wow that was deep…)

Anyway, I took the balloons and tied a few up into bunches for delivery around town as I did some errands.  The first bunch went to my local behavioral health center where I volunteer.  I just left the balloons tied to the hand sanitizer at the reception desk with my note.  When I turned to leave, the room looked cheerier and I noticed people smiling when they saw them.  That little bit gave me some immediate gratification, and it felt pretty good.


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