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#26Acts: In memory of Avielle Richman, age 6

Posted on: December 21, 2012

Today a casual acquaintance was not in her office when I expected her to be so I texted her to see what was up.  She texted back that she was at the ER for some non life threatening health issue that flared up unexpectedly.

I texted her back to say “no problem” but then I thought about what it must be like to be at the ER, by yourself, with no family around as I know her situation to be.

I decided this act was going to be about pressing her on the issue to make sure she was really OK and not just saying the polite thing.  Even though at this point I felt I was approaching the line of Annoying Stalker, I offered to meet her there with lunch, or a snack, or even just to be there for no other reason.  You never know when doctor talk is going to get so deep and serious that you need a second set of ears to check for understanding.

She said no, but since you also never know anymore if people are serious when they say they don’t need help, I really pressed her to make sure.  And you know what? Even though in the end she really did not need me there with her, she commented later about how nice it was to know someone cared about her and was there, just in case.

In our society we are taught to be self-sufficient, strong, and need no one other than ourselves.  We need to un-learn how to be strong, and re-learn how to be open to be cared for by others…and how to take care of each other too.


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