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A Working Mom’s BFF

Posted on: April 15, 2011

I’m going out on a limb here to write about an inanimate object – a small kitchen appliance, in fact – that I consider to be one of my best friends.  After all, a best friend is there when you need her, helps you be the best you can be, and makes you feel warm inside, right?

I received my first crockpot as a wedding gift about 20 years ago.  For years it sat new in the box – newlyweds eat out all the time and don’t need to cook that much anyway. About 5 years ago I discovered its greatness and I have to say I am a true convert from here.  To any newlyweds reading this – don’t wait!  Crockpot + freezer = time and money-saving meals done ahead.

Some of my favorite uses for it today are roasting chickens, making simmer-all-day chili, and beef stew.  For the small effort of throwing 5 ingredients or less in this magical machine before I leave for work in the morning, I reap the priceless reward of a hot and ready dinner waiting for me when we all get home.  Voila!

For recipes, I’d highly recommend investing in a slow oooker cookbook.  I am always looking for more easy crockpot meals so please feel free to share what you like to make in yours.



2 Responses to "A Working Mom’s BFF"

You’ve given me a hankerin’ for some pot roast! 🙂 I need to break out my crock pot more often!

Ann, that does sound yummy! My favorite thing to do is buy roaster chickens when they are on sale and then cook them up. The meat falls right off the bone and I freeze it in chunks to make chicken tacos, chili, salads with later.

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