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The Everlasting To-Do List

Posted on: March 29, 2011

A To-Do List is a necessary evil for every working Mom. Writing everything down not only helps me to appear more organized, it also makes me feel accomplished when I get to check items off as completed.
[Confession time: sometimes I add items to the list that I know I’ll remember to do anyway, just to get the satisfaction of crossing another thing off. “Feed the cat” is my new favorite cheat]

I have a love-hate relationship with my list. If I lie down to sleep and find my thoughts spinning, grabbing a pen and adding those things to the list helps me relax.  On the other hand, acknowledging the very existence of a list of things I have to do but have not yet done can be a real buzz-kill. 

As if being tied to a never ending list isn’t self-deprecating enough, I also have to deal with the things that get transferred from list to list. In my system, I make a new list when the small notebook sized paper I use gets full.  Out of necessity, my new list always starts off with a few carry-overs from the last list. The carry-overs are a nagging reminder that I’m not a Super Heroine with the ability to bend time, space, or dimension.  (Now that is a fantasy worthy of seeing another day…) I don’t like to come face to face with my limitations, so I definitely have more work to do in order to make peace with this.



1 Response to "The Everlasting To-Do List"

Haha – guilty of the to do list as well. Checking things off makes me feel so much better. That and w/3 kids if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember to do it. I think if moms aren’t a little type A, we wouldn’t survive. (Alright so I am a lot, but everyone has a little in them)

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