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The Power of Sweat

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Of all stress-relieving, feel-good things I can do for myself, a great workout is at the top of my list.  For one, the pricetag appeals to my economic sensibilities.  Professional spa and hair services are great, but they are just too expensive a fuel for everyday use.  For me, working out is a daily dose of feel-good that is almost free and equally effective. 

Running or hiking outside is not only free, but brings the added benefit of breathing fresh air and hopefully getting some Vitamin D and sunlight exposure.  For winter and bad weather workouts, an affordable gym membership is as close as your nearest YMCA.  Add a friend to your workout and you’ve also got the potential for some great venting while you sweat it out.

My personal favorite right now is spinning class.  I have started to look forward to jumping on that bike and pushing my less-than-long  legs to their limit.  I love feeling the beads of sweat race down my left and right temples at the same time, in my head placing a bet on which side will win. I love it when I feel my muscles warm, then burn, and I swear sometimes I can actually feel the fibers tearing and getting stronger.   I love how satisfying it is to measure my efforts by how soaked my shirt is when I am finished, knowing I left every ounce of effort I had in the gym.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, working out clears my head. As a working mom, this is no easy task.  When I am running or biking or trying to master the steps of a new Zumba routine, I am not:  A) planning what to do with the kids over summer vacation;  B) figuring out what the heck to make for dinner tonight; or C) trying to solve the latest crisis at work. What I am is fully present, fully focused, and fully enjoying pushing the limits of what my body can do for no one else’s benefit but mine.

Damn, is it time for the cool down already?


1 Response to "The Power of Sweat"

I couldn’t agree more. Running is my go-to sport lately. The only problem is trying to make it a priority.

Oh – btw I love the last line of your post!

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