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4 Words Every Working Mom Fears

Posted on: March 9, 2011

“We’re closing the daycare.”

If you’ve ever spent the time and energy needed to research, visit, register, and transition into a new daycare, you know what a punch in the gut this kind of news brings.

And so it was for my family one day last week.  I had arrived at daycare after work as usual: over-stimulated from a long and productive day.  Unsuspecting, I turned toward the door with the kids and started thinking about what to make for dinner when they pulled me aside.   “Can you sit down here for a minute?” the nice ladies who’ve become almost family to us asked.  Historically, these little tête-à-tête conferences have been about discipline or problem behaviors, so my mind immediately prepared for the impact of hearing how my kid was not taking turns/name-calling/misbehaving on the school bus. 

Not today.  Everything else suddenly ground to a halt that night while I wracked my brain and pored over my address book.  After an hour of frantic calls I finally found a few leads that made it possible for my blood pressure to come back down to normal range.

Without the support of before and after school daycare, my whole carefully crafted schedule would crumble like a house of cards.  It was then that I realized how it easy it is to take childcare for granted.

Now that a week has gone by I am no longer gripped by this crisis, but it is far from over as we look for a new solution.


2 Responses to "4 Words Every Working Mom Fears"

Hi Michelle,
Your paper is well written and I do agree. Is so hard to juggle family and work for us women. Is something I struggle with for a long time. I remember my old supervisor was not understanding at all when it came to having to take a day off for a family related issue. Is so stressful when you feel that pressure. I’m glad that now I’m able to do something that fits in with my family life. Is hard but I would not have it any other way. I want it all.

Yes it makes a huge difference when you have a supervisor who is understanding. I’d wager a bet that most Moms who leave jobs do it because of reasons similar to yours. Thanks for leaving some comments here! I really appreciate it.

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