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The Nourish Project

Posted on: February 18, 2011

This year I took to heart a concept I read about concerning New Years resolutions.  Traditional resolutions take the form of specific promises to yourself that are easy to break, and when you do you immediately turn to beating yourself up about it.  Rather than do this again and again, the advice I took this year was to choose one simple word that captures the essence of the change I wanted to make.  Once I got that in focus,  I would try to align all of my thoughts, actions, and decisions toward that end.

I spent a good amount of time coming up with enriching words, thinking about what I wanted the coming year to be about.  I decided I wanted to take better care of myself – body, mind, and spirit.  After careful consideration I chose my focus word of the year:  NOURISH.

For me this means being intentional about the care I show myself.  As a woman and a mother I take care of so many other people.  I owe it to myself and to those who count on me to make sure I’m taken care of, too.  So, every day since the calendar turned I wake up and identify one aspect of my day that will nourish me in some way.  Aside from the day I redeemed a massage gift certificate I got for Christmas, usually there is nothing earth-shattering planned.  In that case I pick something routine (like working out, or eating mindfully for example) and try to work with it in my mind until I can see it as something I intentionally do to both honor and nourish myself in some small way.

Looking back at the past seven weeks, I can say it has been a great success.  I’ve used Twitter to make a public daily proclamation of my intent.  This has really helped keep me accountable to my goal.  I hope that others reading will be inspired to show themselves some grace as well.

Through it all I have learned that it is not what you do for yourself that matters.  The purposeful attention I’ve shown to this commitment in and of itself is empowering.  It is me, every day, repeating to myself, my family, and to the whole world: “I am worth this effort.”

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  You can follow my progress and keep me on track by checking out the hashtag #nourish to see what I’ve been up to.



5 Responses to "The Nourish Project"

The Nourish Project threw me until reading the blog – catchy! A very worthy lifestyle goal. Was impressed with the daily public affirmations using Twitter! Trek on!

Thanks so much for stopping by, John! Spending time with uplifting people like you is always nourishing. I hope our paths will cross again very soon.

I love your word. Nourishing is something everyone should take into consideration!

Erika, it has been working out great. It feels like claiming my place among those in my life who need my care. I hope you are taking care of yourself also!

[…] is that I no longer make apologies for my shortcomings.  Instead, I strive to be proactive, nourishing myself and becoming my own best friend and staunchest […]

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