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Evenings are tough

Posted on: February 8, 2011

I cringe whenever anyone asks me to attend an evening event related to work. I am a social butterfly and love group gatherings of every kind. But….I live 20 minutes away from most of the hotspots for Business After Hours networking events, organization meetings, etc. and I work part-time from home so I’m only in the business district (this is Plattsburgh NY so term is used loosely) for limited engagements on a weekly basis.

I believe that networking and after hours events are key components of professional success. The seeds for major deals, new opportunities, and even job offers are planted during low-key social settings after hours. I have to miss most of them because my children need to be picked up before dinner, 20 minutes away from the events and 2 minutes from home. I should be home with them, going over homework and sharing the days’ events while preparing for the next day. At the same time, I know I should be participating in groups that will help me get a little farther down the path of career success.

The end result is one I struggle with. I pass on most of these events and try to do my networking during the day. I’ve basically resolved to re-join the after work social crowd after the kids are grown. I haven’t found the happy medium. In fact at this very moment I am writing this post under a cloud of guilt over heading to one of these meetings next, instead of being home feeding my kids their dinner.


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